This is a draft, non-implemented solution to large file issues at CHS.

Executive Summary: Some instructors have indicated a desire to upload large (greater than 7MB) files for use in classrooms. The problem with this is that the current moodle configuration (and also probably the web server configuration) do not allow for file uploads of large sizes.

Technical details: Moodle, PHP, and Apache are all, in their default configurations, designed to prevent the upload of large files. This is primarily done for purposes of avoiding server overload, and potential abuse of resources for copyright violation. While CHS could adjust their Moodle configuration to allow larger file uploads, this would not have an impact on the PHP configuration or the apache configuration.

Potential Solution: A potential solution to this problem is to create an area where instructors could use FTP (FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL) to upload their files, and then have those files moved to an area where they would be viewable via a web site (CHS web site probably).

One temporary solution for this is to set up a user name cherryhill on and give instructors the user name and password on an as needed basis. They could then ftp the files up to the site, and then we could move those to the cherryhill web site (and provide the instructors the URL to the web site) or move them to and give them that URL.

There is a technical issue in that these files are at that point technically available outside of the CHS classroom, however, it's possible that we could use an .htaccess file with a http_referer on it that would make them available only through the CHS web site.

Additional Technical details: can also stream MOV files (quicktime) at using the rtsp protocol.
Last modified: Monday, 14 July 2008, 01:52 PM